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"A user script is programming that modifies the appearance or behavior of an application. A user script for a Web site, for example, can customize the way that content will display in the host browser. Typically a brief JavaScript code sequence, a user script for a Web site executes while a Web page downloads, before any other script is run on the page. There are user scripts to perform a wide variety of tasks on Web sites, e.g., allowing users to annotate content, change colors and formats, debug site code, or remove ads. To install and run Web site user scripts, you must first install a browser extension, such as Tampermonkey, which will intermediate between the browser and Web server."
"Tampermonkey is a popular, independent browser extension that can be installed in today's best browsers. It enables people to use your "user script" in their browser (via the Tampermonkey extension) to add functionality to websites like YouTube. You can publish your user script URL directly on your website so that people can easily consume it via Tampermonkey."
"You can download Tampermonkey for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next, and Firefox, from or from the Extension Store of your browser."
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